Nocode is an app that teaches you how to code in a multi-stage, gameified method of teaching, much like the language learning app Duolingo

The app was designed to resemble a level based classic board game. This format was chosen to serve as a means of encouragement to return to the lessons and continue the course with the goal of completing the 'game'.

Project Description

A student project, the goal of this assignment was to develop an app that served a specific purpose in regards to a common issue. In this case, that issue being the education of coding in a simpler and easier to digest format.

Creating a Mascot

For this project I wanted to create a character mascot that was meant to serve as a coach/cheerleader/teacher to the user. In this, It meant I needed to develop a character that was going to be recognizable, Stayed in theme, and was able to convey human emotions.

'Noi' is a robot that helps you along your journey with code. Here are just a few of his emotes.