Reptiles of the Cretaceous is a series of booklets and companion website about 10 different reptiles that lived during the cretaceous period, their environment, and common misconceptions about these creatures.

Bold use of color gives the pop and excitement where as the illustrations keep the excitement and allow for a better visual experience. The typeface was kept rounded and simple to keep in style with the illustrations as well as the type setting, which is adjusted to match the content within each booklet.

Project Description

The goal of the project was to create a series of booklets that utilized 3 different grids (Manuscript, Columnar, and deconstructed) to showcase varying degrees of information about a selected topic.

Illustrative style

I looked to create an exciting yet accurate visual experience. While I did not want to create hyper accurate illustrations, I developed a style that allowed for simplified representations of these creatures that was still visually exciting and fun to look at.

Rounded shapes and thicker strokes provides a simpler visual stimuli as to not overwhelm the viewer with to many detail.

The bold and bright colors are captivating in meant to draw your eye in, while the scene create enough for the viewer to remain interested.