Hello Nocode Nocode is an app that teaches you how to code in a multi-stage, gameified method of teaching, much like the language learning app Duolingo The app was designed to resemble a level based classic board game. This format was chosen to serve as a means of encouragement to return to the lessons and […]

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Print Production: A Visual Guide

PRINT PRODUCTION: A VISUAL GUIDE was designed using stylistic choses influenced by two contradicting ideas to create a dynamic
visual experience, these two ideas were ‘sophistication’ and ‘juvenile’

An isometric 3 dimensional appeal was used as while it is complex in form, it is relatively simple in understanding.

Colors were chosen to resemble an infantile primary palette however saturation was reduced in order to reduce its noise.

The font was also chosen in a similar manner, using soft, round edges while remaining very clean and symmetrical.

Reptiles of the Cretaceous

Reptiles of the Cretaceous is a series of booklets and companion website about 10 different reptiles that lived during the cretaceous period, their
environment, and common misconceptions about these creatures.

Bold use of color gives the pop and excitement where as the illustrations keep the excitement and allow for a better visual experience. The typeface was kept rounded and simple to keep in style with the illustrations as well as the type setting, which is adjusted to match the content within each booklet.


Processing: Book of Questions is a pack of 4 postcards, each post card having expressive type and illustration over a question drawn from Pablo Neruda’s famous Book of Questions, a book in which he ask a series of questions that are inherently unanswerable, and lack any clear means of finding an answer.

My concept for this project revolved around this idea. Designed to resemble older computer interfaces, the “computer” is attempting to process his
questions, however because they are unanswerable questions the computer begins to breakdown and distort, giving the effect
you see on the front of the cards.